Getting a Bit Extra Out of My Business Card

In trying to figure out what to do with my business card to get people more involved I thought back to Japan. QR codes were everywhere and they were perfect for giving out information in a limited amount of space. They haven't caught on here in the states as much, but as long as I don't make it mandatory I don't see any harm. Chances are if someone does have a smart phone (which marketers and tech geeks seem to have) you'll want to use it when you have the opportunity.

I had the option of creating a QR code that simply has text, leads to a URL or sends a SMS. Knowing this probably won't get read weeks down the road I'll go ahead and spoil it. I chose a URL because the opportunity to change the content it leads to without buying new business cards. The QR code leads to a page with my portfolio, resume, and potentially any number of other treats. Of course you can get all of those simply by following the link printed on the back, but I'm hoping making my business card less passive will make it more memorable.

Now I just need to find all those potential employers out there...

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