Extendr: Wait, Where Can I Find You?

If you're like many people who read advertising and marketing blogs, chances are you have quite a few places people can find you online. The good is that you could be found in any number of places. The bad is trying to fit your LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, Facebook, and whatnot onto that 3.75" x 2.25" business card you worked so hard on. The paper stock is premium and the kerning is just right, but how the hell are you going to fit everything on their now?

This is where Extendr comes into play. Don't worry, this isn't just another profile you'll need to keep updated with new content and bio info. Instead, Extendr will aggregate all of your online portals onto one page so you can cut that list of twenty something links down to one. Joseph Rueter, one of Extendr's co-creators, was one of my professors who turned me onto this choice tool. Grab one for free or pay the premium price ($12 / yr) to get a fully customizable page and analytics.

Unfortunately, I recently ordered new business cards so I'll be waiting until I can get rid of these current ones to add http://chrishavranek.extendr.com/ to my card.

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