Creating Something to Better Us

For a class of mine I have to "present an idea I have for bettering us in some way". Now this sounds vague and it is, but I don't think that's a bad thing. It can be anything from making some ergonomic to solving a world crisis. I'm not sure what I'll do it on yet, I do have some interested I'd really like to explore more into though....

  • Crowd Sourcing (and how to make it as internationally friendly as possible)
  • ARGs (already did a big presentation and created a 10 minute mini ARG last semester)
  • Active Cross Media Marketing (close to ARGs, but without the story
  • Experience Design (how to design a space in reality or online that mold how people feel and react)
I really like the idea of getting people involved with a product or idea rather than being talked at. All of those bullet points can be intertwined, but luckily for me I think that means I'm narrowing down what I want to do after I graduate next spring.

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