Tokyo Dreams

So I'm working towards studying abroad in Tokyo fall 09 and my application will be sent out within the next month or two. Its kind of scary knowing I could be literally on the other side of the world in under six months without a single person I know. This is something I truly want to do and the fact that I have schooling in an Asian country where American countries try to break out all the time will really boost my resume.

Right now one of my goals in life is to create some sort of system that allows people regardless of location or language to communicate in some fashion for entertainment. I know there are MMORPGS and sites that cater to an international crowd; however, the problem is the limitation of written and spoken language. The potential for true collaboration is limited because of this barrier and I need to figure out how something as complex as the internet that can have over 100 million (average of all the numbers I've seen from looking it up) blogs or opinions can really open up. Will we one day have an international language, why couldn't we? Its always been because of proximity and now we are within seconds of anyone.

I have no clue on how I'm going to do it yet seeing as I've only recently been thinking about it. Someone who I know has a lot to offer when it comes to progressing your potential said, "When you know what you're looking for you'll see it everywhere."

Its funny that I know maybe one person will read this far, but I'm still compelled to put this out there. If anyone does, let me know.


Steve said...

i read to the bottom! of course. i'm behind you and i hope your Tokyo dreams happen. on any scale, they will lead to great things i'm sure. more later, and best~~b.

Global Neighbor said...

Have you interviewed BS alum Ashley Becker, she spent a semester in Tokyo? Also, Eve S. has a future study-abroad in Japan on her docket. Kevin