Barclay Slides In

Its been a while, but I've been busy so I have my reasons. I discovered this via Adrants (great source for unique and odd ads) and immediately starting checking it out. Barclay, an UK banking company is sponsoring a water slide creating contest inspired by their commercial they ran a little bit ago for a "slide-less card".

They followed that with a Youtube channel and the contest for creating water slides. Its nice to see banking companies not taking themselves so seriously. Yes, they're handling ALL my money except for what's in my wallet, but come on I'd like to see a bank being a little human instead of a cold money machine.

The video you need to beat when it comes to making a slide is...

Getting people involved and active with the brand is something I'm really aiming for in a career, but from what it seems like Barclay might have dropped the ball. Now I live in the US and Barclay is in the UK, but what it seems like on the contest page it doesn't seem like much of anyone is active with the contest. If they're going to have a water slide contest put in places that people could associate water or sliding with: water parks, subway stations, beaches, ect.

Lets get Ads and marketing to get us out of our house and moving around. Make me think, dont just talk at me.

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