New Domain and New Classes

Good news! I followed through on getting my own domain name for once. is officially mine for a year and hopefully longer. I'm actually really off to a good start this semester too. This semester should be one of my best in the end of my MCAD career. The big 10 year exhibition coming up this spring and I really like all my classes or the potential they hold.

If I had to pick one class that I have the most hope for on a personal level I'd say it would be Creative and Critical thinking. This seems like one of those classes that you will come out of with a new perspective on either what you want to pursue or more likely how you will pursue your ambition. Applying this class to personal and professional life is something I'll be looking forward to.

Viz Studio is another one I'm excited to be apart of. It was fun (and different) working with Kris Knutson's class last semester. Actually being in the class this semester gives me a new perspective than I normally would coming into it. The fact that I played the role of the client before the student gives me some insight into how they feel. It was difficult in ways being the client that normally wouldn't be the case though; being a classmate with the group members then turning around and being their client 30min later had it's challenges.

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