Maybe about life?

I think I'll turn this into a Chris' life blog as well. Committing it 100% to marketing and ads is tough and I'd like a little log of what I'm doing these days anyways for later down the road. I want to get an official URL, but just doesn't flow that well...that'll go on my "to do" list for this weekend.

Abbi Allan asked me if I want to go on her radio show sometime today. I'd love to do that and lately I've really been craving new things to listen to, but that's a lot of pressure. I'm ALWAYS up for something new on the other hand and I'm all about pushing myself (I will base jump one of these days) so I think I'll go for it.

Oh and I really need to work out tags both on here and my BS Blog for MCAD. I can never agree on a select few terms to label posts and I'm afraid of having 100s of tags making them useless.

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