Coraline Keys

Seems like there are some keys being left in Chicago and they tie back to the upcoming Coraline movie. A couple friends of mine have found them throughout the city and not in the obvious busy spots. They've been found and obscure locations like Shakespear and Oakley. The keys are actually really elaborate, the following picture is part of a package sent out to some to get the key craze going (50 total)

You can see the entire package details at the Despoiler Blog

Each key has a code to put into and unlock a specific feature of the site. (Update - seems like the website is opened up now)
  • stopmotion
  • buttoneyes moustachio
  • puppetlove
  • armpithair
  • sweaterxxs
The website that you would see previously looked like this...

I'm a huge fan of putting a physical aspect into marketing other than the normal print ads and such. The unconventional and unique will drive people to inquire more about whatever you're trying to sell whether it be a behavior or a product. I especially like the key because it ties directly into the story and the nature of a key lends itself to finding out where it goes. Well I'm off to the city to see if I can find a key of my own and pick up a record or two.

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