SuperStruct Impressions

So far my experience with SuperStruct has been fun, but less than ideal not entirely the creator's (IFTF) fault. For someone who doesn't have hours to keep up with the constant checking its difficult for me to know whats happening at a glance. I don't blame the creators at all for this seeing as I don't have much time for extra curricular actives in general. I have been posting in discussions, but I would like to try and create a Super Structure before the end on the 17th.

I've chosen to stick with Generation Exile, it was a toss up between that and Quarantine. I like the ethical and moral discussions surrounding subjects such as universal open borders and cooperation between multiple villages.

Seeing as today is full of rain / ice chunks and wind I think its suiting to settle down with a large cup of hot cocoa and a movie while coming up with a Super Struct. I'll post back with how that goes.

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