Resistance Fall of Man - 42 Entertainment

Sony and 42 Entertainment have re-launched an ARG that was dormant for some time now. Resistance Fall of Man 2 is a video game for Sony's PS3. Currently locations have been given ("44º59'8.15ºN, 93º16'8.08ºW Behind the meter" for the Minneapolis drop off) where subsequently you would find a package with a t-shirt, "Civilian Evacuation Card" and other goodies. It doesn't seem to be as deep as some of 42 Entertainment's previous works, but it warrants a look at the very least. From the start morse code, hexadecimal, phone numbers and drop offs have been used. All of these have been used before; I'd like to see something like iphone apps being utilized, but of course that would limit the audience. It looks like it will be coming to a close soon seeing as the game is coming out in 4 days though

Resistance 2 ARG Wiki

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