42 Entertainment

I want to start archiving the companies and studios making headway in the ARG arena and what better way than to start with 42 Entertainment?

42 Entertainment was founded in 2003 in Pasedena. Founding members include: Jordan Weissman, Susan Bonds and Jordan DiNunzio.

Some Work:

Vanishing Point
This was created for Microsoft for the launch of Windows Vista geared at the techies out there to solve puzzles involved in both online and in real life.

Cathy's Book
Cathy's Book is the first multi-platformed book I've heard of. Within the book are phone numbers, clues and websites. The creators of the book have a MySpace page and community site to update fans with character's blog entries and supply a place for fans to communicate. This resulting in becoming a best selling in the UK and New York Times Bestseller.

I Love Bees
As some may know, I love Bees was created to promote Halo 2 before its launch. The goal for 42 Entertainment was to attract mainstrem media to Halo 2. Well, it worked to say the least. With 10s of thousands coming together in public gatherings, 750,000 people online worked to solve the puzzle and another 2,500,000 casually following it didn't take long for the like of CNN and the New York Times to pick it up.

Year Zero
This is the project I'm most interested in ARG wise. I'm not quite sure on how Fourth Wall Studios and 42 Entertainment worked together, but Year Zero is commonly attributed to 42 Entertainment. This was an ARG for Nine Inch Nails new album, Year Zero. The premise behind it was an ultra authoritarian government. Incorporating internet, disposable cell phones, left behind USB drives and in one case even "kidnapping" people if I recall. Go check it out, theres even TV/film talk about something related with it.

42 Entertainment is on my radar and it will be for a long time. Who knows what they have up their sleave next?

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