Spring Fever and MS 150 Benefit Ride

It finally feels like spring again and the weather is beautiful. So naturally, I decide to get back on the blog horse. My Twitter account (@ChrisHavranek) has been my social outlet of choice in the last couple of months with time being less than plentiful. I'm not suffering from delusions of grander this time, so I won't be promising one blog post a day.

Along with a rejuvenated blogger ambition, I also signed up for participating in the MS 150 Ride this summer. I'll be biking 150 miles over one weekend in June to raise money for researching multiple sclerosis. I started a simple blog, Fresh Ride Minneapolis, to keep family and friends updated with my training and progress to my donation goal. It's going to be a purely hobby blog so I don't expect it to last past this fall, but who knows how it'll turn out.

Part of participating in the MS 150 Ride I need to raise at least $300 to fight multiple sclerosis. Surprisingly, my first donation was in a matter of hours and from a grade school friend I haven't spoken to in over 13 years. If you'd like to help me reach my goal please feel free to donate $5, $10, $50, or $100,000. The easiest way to do so is through my MS 150 donation page.

I also have a new love who will be joining me for the MS 150 Ride:

She's my new All-City Nature Boy

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