Ugly Buildings Can Get Makeovers Too

Just because Hollywood Video has all but disappeared doesn't mean you have to leave an ugly building behind. Until someone else finds a use for this storefront there are some who decided to take it upon themselves to make this as little of an eyesore as possible. Whoever is behind created this mural along the side of an old Hollywood Video on Hennepin & 22nd here in Minneapolis.

The beautification of abandoned buildings and closed shops has been increasing ever since our economy took a bit of a dive. Using posters in windows created by local artists has a much better effect rather than newspapers that have coffee and mildew stains. Another example of this urban cleanup in Minneapolis is The Whittier Storefront Project, developed by students and faculty at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, which even had a block party to celebrate it's big reveal a couple of months ago.

See, just because its old and nobody wants it anymore doesn't mean it can't be pretty.

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