Dropping the Ball with Toy Story 3

I'm very much a fan of movies and I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised on how satisfied I was after watching Toy Story 3. It had all the subtleties and jokes that kids get and adults get that much more while still keeping that Toy Story charm. I hope Pixar really does keep this "the end" rather than pumping out one or two more like so many other Disney Movies have.

I couldn't help but notice a gaping hole that was left in the possibilities for Toy Story 3 though. They harped on the "donate your old toys" heart strings, but didn't push it like it could have. Think of the easy possibilities there are with this message and very nature of the movie. Given our economic times they could have easily satisfied both ends of the spectrum. Kids who have plenty of toys still have parents who wouldn't mind saving a buck or two, and the youngsters who don't have toys can use them more than ever.

Take a picture of your toys and tell "My Toy Story" on Facebook, toystory.com, or whatever other website they designate and save $2 on your ticket to go see Toy Story 3. This would make Toy Story's moral lesson become even more real for the whole family and it has the easily sold viral trait to it. Come on Pixar, lets see your influence go beyond the screen.

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