TED: How a 12 Year Old Girl Inspired Me

This video has made its way around the internet pleanty, but its not a reason for me to abstain from commenting on it now. This was originally brought to my attention from a former professor of mine who has turned me on not only to fascinating TED talks, but equally as important music as well. Oh, and this is purely coincidental in timing with what I'm hoping to be a wonderful opportunity tomorrow.

I don't want to critique her talk seeing as I'm already taken by how well a middle school student can hold the attention of an entire room of TED attendees, but with as little rambling as possible I'd like to give you a hint at how this short video has both reinforced and changed my thinking.

I've always had an intense desire to constantly learn new things even after entering "adulthood" and look to the old and new for ideas. I don't like to limit where I draw new perspectives from, especially after attending MCAD and living in Tokyo where I was the anomaly for a change. Given this girl seems to have done more in the 12 years than I have in 23 I feel like we both share those traits. However, I have limited myself because of "realities of the situation" to some extent and I'd like to change this. I can't go to the purely child like thinking of doing anything I think immediately without risking losing the financial means to do so, but I've decided to adopt that model a little more than I already have.

Going to Tokyo for a couple months was an opportunity of a lifetime, college loans will be arriving in the mail within the next couple of months and there's that pressure to get entrenched in the marketing world now that I'm a soon to be graduate, but I won't allow these to put me in a stagnant state. I'll work with what I have and evolve my career around my plans rather than the other way around

I will:
  • Put family before work (combine the two on occasion)
  • Focus on traveling over possessions
  • Give back to those who have helped me
  • Never give up on pushing to learn more

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