Condoms are Cool

It seems that as of lately there has been a push to use positive reinforcement or negative punishment in ads rather than the old "you better do this or else!" approach. More specifically condom companies are catching up now and I think it's a much more effective. The Durex commercial above is a perfect example. In the simplest terms its saying, "Use Durex and your sex life will be great." Before the last few years condom ads along with most other health and safety products had a much more abrasive and hostel approach.

I'll give credit where credit is due. About a year ago I did a little review of where the Trojan was with their marketing online and offline. They were taking a much more conversational and positive approach to their consumers rather than the threatening tone I remembered them having.

Using a Facebook group and Warped Tour bands to bring in their audience seemed to be working extremely well for them. Several articles (can't seem to find them a year later) from prominent blogs and marketing commentators praises their efforts and results with this approach proving their tactics.

These big names should have learned this long ago, but better late than never. No airline got customers by saying if you don't fly with them you will certainly perish in a fiery blaze. You might scare people into what you want, but fears are easily overcome. Make what you have to offer look like ice cream on a hot summer night and everyone will be grateful.

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