Many of you like traveling and many of you like Tweeting correct? Well, why not combine the two?! That's what the team of three at Road Twip are doing. Kurt Daradics, Jolie O'Dell and Jonathan Dingman are traveling to 8 different cities in 2 weeks to show what social media can have to offer even to the offline world. They will be stopping at BIGOmaha, a conference in Omaha to get people together and show that there are cities other than LA and NYC that can contribute to the social media movement.

They're also doing this to show the impact and importance of including IRL in social media. Not only should you Tweet and befriend people online, but you should meet up without laptops on occasion. There can be a lot accomplished in real world chit chats that can be missed when its just text on a screen.

Check them out, its an interesting little endeavor / experiment I'll be keeping up with them to see what they have to say.

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