Studying Abroad!!!

I officially received my acceptance email (we really do live in the internet age now) saying Temple in Tokyo is ready for me. After meeting with Alexis, the study abroad adviser, I realize there is A LOT to do. Everything from passports, visa, loans (ew!) and figuring out how credits will transfer. Don't get me wrong though, I'm looking forward to it completely.

I've also been asking around about the administrative side to studying abroad. Trying to find out why schools support it and how to measure the benefits. This has proven to be an especially difficult task, but one that needs to be done in my opinion. I could see this turning into more than a hobby for me down the road somehow. The importance of being global and experiencing a culture other than your own is huge. There are things that can't be taught through a book or classroom and if you've ever read Edward T. Hall you know what I'm talking about.

  1. The Hidden Dimension
  2. Silent Language
  3. Beyond Culture

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kmbkitten said...

Congratulations! Tokyo sounds so exciting!