New Perspectives

I've started Edward T. Hall's book, Hidden Dimension about the interaction of individuals or groups within the context of space and language. Given I'm only on page 14 after 2 hours thanks to starting reading while working at First Avenue. Its really interesting to think that even if two people experience the exact same situation it might be completely different for them depending on the language they speak. We're limited to the vocabulary we have to explain what we witness so if one culture has multiple words to explain snow and we only have one or two they're much more apt to being able to explain the very specific characteristics of this specific snow fall.

Even with space its very culturally dependent. When using animals as an example, each species has a very specific distance at which point they fight or flight. Circus's even use this to manipulate lions to jump onto stools by having the lion tamers advance into the lions "critical distance".

People are strange beings, maybe I should have been a psychologist or sociologist, at least I got a chance to take a few classes.

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