Who Said Impulsive Consuming Can't Be a Positive?

Everyone has those moments when they see something and the first thing that comes to mind is, "I wish I could have thought of that!" Even worse is when you did think of it, but you failed to execute on the idea. I swear I thought of Ebay when the internet was first blooming and I was a young(er) one exploring the exciting world of AOL 1.0. You always find cool things at garage sales, why not put it online where you can go to garage sales around the world? Simple enough right???

Anyways, my recent "I wish I thought of that" moment occurred when I found one of these beauties:

Project GreenAid has commandeered candy machines and turned them into seed machines. Put some change in and get an egg like ball with compost, seeds and clay in return. Otherwise known as seedbombs, these interesting looking devices allow guerrilla gardening to become even more easy. Use the change in your pocket on the way home from work to brighten the path for you and everyone else with various flowers and plants springing up wherever you leave these seedbombs.

The wheels are turning for my senior show!

Credit given to PSFK for turning me on to this.

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