Rebranding Me: Word Games

One of the first things I do when I'm in the process of redoing anything whether its websites, brands or the layout of our living room is to break it down to it's most basic form. Making sure I start from the beginning with the words I want to describe my project helps to keep me on track through the whole process. I can look back to the five or so base words I decide to work with to check whether or not each element I delve into fits within them. If not, I step back and take a look at what needs to be adjusted to keep my core message intact.

With "rebranding me" I started by grabbing a big pad of paper, markers and another brain to bounce ideas off of. My girlfriend (I know, not the most unbiased, but she still helps!) and I started by talking about what kind of vibe I wanted in my blog, portfolio and website. From there we wrote down anything that came to mind within a five or ten minute window so as not to dwell on it too long.

If you knew us, you'd know I'm the more organized and structured thinker while she is the artist side. Guess which brainstorm belongs to who:

What kind of results did I get from all this? I've come to the conclusion that I want to focus on brand storytelling, interactive, social and appropriate for the audience (meaning everyone doesn't need a twitter feed, especially if their core audience is 75+ women who live on a remote island off of Thailand).

Next on the list, putting those traits into a cohesive message. Look for that before the end of the week.

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