Late Nights and Heavy Drinking

Is what I won't be enjoying for a while thanks to my early morning seizure I experienced on Monday. I arrived home from the hospital last night, but I'm going to be on medication for a long while. It doesn't mix well with lack of sleep and drinking so my weekends will be adjusted a bit for a while. Not that I went binge drinking every night, but as most college students do, I enjoy myself on the weekend occasionally. I'm going to obviously have to make some life changes.

This doesn't mean it'll have to be for the worse. I plan on updating my portfolio for my upcoming graduation, going all out with my Integrated Advertising class, redesigning my website and blogging my life as it comes.

This semi-serious life changing event isn't going to shut me down like I feel it should. Instead its going to lead me to something new and I can't wait to see what it is. Lets do this!

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