The Draws of Japan

I didn't have any inclination for this before I came here, but I really want to come back to Japan. The thing is I haven't even departed yet. Japan has so much to offer, see and do. Literally every weekend is full of things to do and it always feels so different from the weekend before. The streets are incredibly clean, people are more than willing to help you find your way and there seems to be change going on constantly. The culture is rich with diversity even though most westerners (including myself until recently) consider Japan extremely homogeneous. The stark differences in culture and language from my own has forced me to become self reflective of who I am and its very therapeutic.

I've been looking into options and the most lucrative one seems to be JET. If you're accepted into JET you're flown out to Japan to teach English usually in a semi rural area. Not only do you get to teach English, but you end up learning more Japanese than you ever would in a classroom. The pay is incredibly healthy for just graduating and if I can really get this Japanese language down it could help me immensely when I come back to the states to get back into marketing. I'm traveling an hour north this weekend to meet a former Bachelor of Science student who is actually in the JET program now and I'm working in getting in contact with some of the higher ups in JET through one of my professors here. I'm thinking fall 2011, but we'll see how that goes. I never thought I'd actually be in Japan a year ago so who knows where I'll be and what I'll be doing in two years.

This was a rushed post in between classes, but I'd like to start really disciplining myself and posting a lot more often. Set some time aside two times a week and jot down what's happening here in Tokyo and maybe some commentary on anything I find interesting. Get back to the roots of what this blog used to be.

Until next time!

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