Music or Murder Mystery?

Anybody who is interested in ARGs should definitely put ARGNet on their watch list. If there is anything happening out there related to ARGs they will report on it. One that looked interesting was the Dresden Dolls look to be kicking one off with their upcoming album release. Looks like Amanda Palmer has dissapeared and it might be up to you to discover who is the culprit behind it all. You can buy the book and CD (Who Killed Amanda Palmer) now and I'm hoping more gets revealed from there.

I don't listen to the Dresden Dolls but if something comes of it I might go out and buy their album/book combo. I love the idea of multiple layers of media and involving the audience on a deeper level. Think if while listening to a song you had to read into it deeper for clues on a problem then read about it in a book cronicling the processes of creating their new album leading up to going online to talk with others who enjoy their music to solve a riddle. This would bring music and any other medium that cares to get involved (TV/movies an obvious choice) onto a completely new level of involvement.

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